What You Get:

Overall Seasonal Trend Direction  

12hr TrendLab Workshop - Trend Workshops are held over 2 days. The purpose of the workshop is to work with clients and their internal design teams, product mangers and marketing to understand, interpret and apply design trends.

TrendLab Workshop Follow-Up - A mini workshop check-in. Clients can choose to have us review their seasonal design offering based on our trend workshop direction with internal design teams, product mangers and marketing teams where we can talk through design and trouble shoot direction and stories. Follow-Up workshops run *6hrs and are held in 1 day.

*Follow-up workshops for footwear clients may run longer due to larger sku counts and multiple deliveries. If a follow-up workshop runs over 6hrs it will be scheduled over 2 days. 

For information on fees and to make a Trend LAB appointment contact us at:

* Please Note: TrendLab workshops are not intended as design services. Please contact us if you would like to set an appointment to discuss our brand tailored design services.